IndigiSpace is connecting the community to Indigenous culture and art through development programs and workshops, creation of artworks, Indigenous artist events, artist talks, development and promotional programs and lots more.

We want to create opportunities for artists to develop, learn, grow, connect and share their great stories and work with the wider community.

IndigiSpace is supporting Indigenous artists through:

  • Creating opportunities for development and growth
  • Developing and connecting artists to the their stories and purpose
  • Increasing understanding of ethical storytelling
  • Increase understanding of how to create and tell the stories of their art in a more impactful, ethical way
  • Increase in the sharing and promotion of artists work and stories
  • Opportunities for personal development, confidence building and community connections

IndigiSpace is helping audiences, community to:

  • Increase understanding of First Nations art and artists
  • Increase awareness of the ethics of storytelling, particularly in relation to First Nations art and storytelling
  • Increase engagement between First Nations artists and the community
  • Create opportunities to engage with First Nations storytelling across several
  • Connect, learn and share with Indigenous culture.