IndigiSpace was created in Adelaide, South Australia to help support the development and growth of Indigenous artists. We ran artist programs and workshops to help them get better in touch with their purpose, story and get them better in touch with the business side of being an artist. We ran business events that helped to promote their work and stories.

We looked further into how to best promote artist and business products and services, in particular through online sales and platforms.

Our CEO and founder, Greg Hodgkinson then came to Sydney to be part of an Indigenous business accelerator with 10 amazing businesses from across Australia. Off the back of this we got more involved in supporting the business development and growth of Indigenous businesses, initially through supporting the same program and then becoming a partner of the Investible who started the program and taking over running it though IndigiSpace.

Off the back of this we ran many accelerator programs and development workshops for Indigenous businesses, both in person and offline across Australia. In 2021 our CEO started First Innovators, a not for profit Indigenous run business to further drive the entrepreneur programs.

IndigiSpace has since looked to go back to its roots around supporting Indigenous artists. We are focused around helping them to understand their purpose and develop their story, helping them to be seen and heard and promoting themselves and their great work.

We are connecting artists with the wider non-Indigenous community so they can understand and engage with Indigenous art and artists, learn about, share with and immerse themselves with Indigenous culture.

Our Founder and CEO

Greg Hodgkinson is a proud Wiringu man who was born and bred on Kaurna country in Adelaide who now calls Sydney home.

He is passionate about creating change, making a difference and generating real purpose for people, in particular with Indigenous people and community, helping them to develop and share their unique stories and be heard.

Greg has worked across government, community and educational institutions, working in project officer, community develop roles, creating opportunities for collaboration, growth, development, learning, community building, understanding, connecting and helping to connect the non-Indigenous community with the rich and living Indigenous cultures across Australia.

He is a speaker at events and advocate of Indigenous businesses and sector, looking at ways to best bring together community, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, corporate, small business and government through conversations and collaborations building understanding and awareness.