We started the year off with a workshop for 40 New York University students who were keen to learn about Australian Indigenous business.  Their enthusiasm and desire to learn and engage made it a great morning workshop at Fishburners in the Sydney Startup Hub.

Our founder, Greg Hodgkinson opened with a great introduction about Indigenous culture and origins of Indigenous business in Australia which the students really enjoyed.  They particularly liked how we acknowledge our local communities, something they arent very aware of themselves in their own areas.

Thanks to Jenny Khan from the Unexpected Guest and Daryll Brown from Kallico Catering for sharing their insights about their businesses and experiences as an Aboriginal business navigating through the wider business world.

We enjoyed a great Aboriginal morning tea thanks to Kallico Catering which was very much enjoyed by everyone.

After the break students listened to Dr Dean Jarret to introduced students further into Indigenous business both here in Australia and in America, drawing on the similarities between both cultures.

Students then reflected on the morning and what they had learnt through a group activity, looking at what it means to them and how they can use in their workplaces back in New York.  It was great to see the level of engagement and commitment to engaging more with Native American people, culture and businesses back in the New York area.

The workshop was part of a program run through UNSW to help the students to learn about business in Australia.  We look forward to doing more workshops with UNSW in the future.