Business Growth - IndigiSpace

We Create, Build, Grow

Empowering Indigenous businesses by providing space for them to grow.

IndigiSpace is a creative environment nurturing ideas and growing businesses.

At IndigiSpace, We….

  • Inspire, empower, develop, support and grow.
  • Work collaboratively with Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses.
  • Are growing an Indigenous business community.
  • Are creating opportunities.
  • Are providing information and resources.
  • Develop great ideas and grow businesses.
  • We provide spaces online and offline for business growth.

IndigiSpace’s new journey is to not only provide a space through its marketplace for Indigenous businesses, artists and creative people to sell their great products, it’s also to ensure they have the tools and support structures to be successful.

We want to break down the barriers for the Indigenous community starting and growing businesses and selling their great art and products.

IndigiSpace wants to share the stories of our great Indigenous businesses, artists and creative peoplem taking their authentic products and services to the world.

To find out more information or to register your business with IndigiSpace, email our founder, Greg Hodgkinson –