About Us - IndigiSpace

IndigiSpace – We Build, Create, Grow

IndigiSpace Empowering Indigenous businesses to develop and grow.

IndigiSpace is a creative environment nurturing ideas and growing businesses.

At IndigiSpace, We….

  • Inspire, empower, develop, support and grow.
  • Work collaboratively with Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses.
  • Are growing an Indigenous business community.
  • Are creating opportunities.
  • Are providing information and resources.
  • Develop great ideas and grow businesses.
  • We provide spaces online and offline for business growth.

IndigiSpace’s new journey is to not only provide a space through its marketplace for Indigenous businesses, artists and creative people to sell their great products, it’s to ensure they have the tools and support structures to be successful.

We want to break down the barriers for the Indigenous community to starting and growing businesses and selling their great art and products.

IndigiSpace is a hub for Indigenous businesses, communities, artists and product makers to grow their ideas, develop their businesses and market and sell to new and wider audiences across Australia and the world, creating opportunities both online and offline.

What is IndigiSpace

IndigiSpace is an Indigenous owned business that helps to empower Indigenous businesses and artists by providing spaces for them to grow.

We do this by providing physical spaces and support structures to develop while providing access to markets both online and offline, in particular through our online marketplace.

IndigiSpace knows there are many great products being made in the Indigenous community. We want to empower people to believe their businesses, their products and most importantly that they themselves are good enough and help get them out to the world.

IndigiSpace is about creating a supportive environment to foster great outcomes, online and offline for the Indigenous business community.

Who is IndigiSpace

IndigiSpace’s founder, Greg Hodgkinson is a proud Wirangu Aboriginal man from the west coast of South Australia. His vision was to create an online hub for the Indigenous community to come together where they grow and develop their great ideas and businesses, have a place that helps to market and sell their products and businesses whilst providing real opportunities and economic benefits.

Greg has worked within the Aboriginal community, government and community organisations for many years.  At the forefront of his work has been to empower and install self belief within individuals, communities and organisations, getting them to believe in themselves, working collaboratively to achieve bigger things.

He is very passionate to make a difference and empower his people to be successful and strive for bigger things.


Through purchasing products on our website you are helping to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.