Terms & Conditions - IndigiSpace

We want your art, your products, your music, your stories on our website.  We want to get as many Indigenous people and businesses together to join and be a part of the IndigiSpace community.

It’s also very important as part of the Indigenous community that you respect everyone involved, our guests, members and our Indigenous shopfront owners who bring you such fantastic products.

If you have any problems with anything then contact us here at IndigiSpace and we will try and help sort out your issue.

As we are a new website we may experience some issues, so please just bare with us as we continue to make IndigiSpace into something quite exciting for everyone.


To be a part of IndigiSpace and have your own shop you have to either be one of the following:

– An Indigenous business (at least 50% Indigenous ownership)
– An Indigenous person

*If required you need to be able to provide proof of the above, either through a statuary declaration or a proof of Aboriginality form.