The Borning

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The “Borning” highlights the sacredness of  humanities cycle of life.

“A child is born into the world surrounded by ancestral spirits ,celebrating birth ,family, connection to the land, oceans, sky, self.

The “Borning” has highlighted the sacredness of the Aboriginal child and the importance of the link of community, the land and the spiritual to Aboriginal people. The creation of the painting has been a healing process for the me and a tool for others to learn about the Aboriginal world view.

‘The Borning’ a highly complex painting with five to six layers of paint texture, designs and meanings. It is a mixture of contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art styles. ‘The Borning’ is painted with a mixture of acrylic, oils and glass paint. The predominant colours are blue, purple and pink with the centre highlighted with red, green and yellow. I used grass, sticks, feathers, hands and scratching tools (and some circles that could have been printed on with circular lids of some sort as well as the occasional use of a brush.

Size: 180cm wide x 100cm high.

This painting is in the “Awakening Connections to Aboriginal Artists” art exhibition in the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

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