Archie Pepper

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Archie Pepper was my great great grandfather a Wergaia man from Lake Hindmarsh area in the Wimmera Mallee, Victoria.

Size: 50cm x 60 cm

This portrait was taken from an old family photograph which I had for many years. But I didn’t know the name of all of the eleven people in the picture. I think I only knew two people in it. One day I made a connection with someone in Adelaide who was distantly related to my family. Her old Mum was coming to visit and I happened to mention I had an old photo of the family and thought maybe her Mum would know some people in it. I made a copy for them and showed her old Mum and she knew everyone in the picture . It also turned out that my Great grandparents as well as my two sets of great great grandparents were in this photo. What a discovery!

Medium: Portrait on Calico. Quilted and stitched by machine free motion method with polyester thread and dyed with natural dye.

This piece is currently part of the IndigiSpace exhibition. Delivery will be organised on sale of artwork.


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