About Us - IndigiSpace

What is IndigiSpace

IndigiSpace is an online market place, a hub for the Indigenous community to be able to reach audiences and customers across Australia and the world.

We sell fantastic genuine Indigenous products. We bring together genuine products from many Australian Indigenous artists and product makers for you.

We make it easier for you to find a great range of Indigenous products in the one place.

IndigiSpace is about creating a supportive environment to foster great outcomes, online and offline for the Indigenous business community.

Our Story

IndigiSpace’s story is that of connection and empowerment through providing opportunities for the Australian Indigenous Community.

We connect you with talented and amazing Indigenous artists, product makers, designers and creative people.

We showcase truly amazing authentic work and create empowerment and economic development.

Who is IndigiSpace

Greg Hodgkinson, a Wirangu Aboriginal man from the west coast of South Australia and the founder is passionate to make a difference.

IndigiSpace looks to empower Indigenous people and make a real difference in their lives and bring the Indigenous community together.

“There are many non-Indigenous businesses exploiting our Communities and our businesses and we need to find a way to get this back and help empower ourselves to be more successful”.

IndigiSpace, helping break down barriers for the Indigenous community to sell their fantastic artwork and products. 

By buying products on our website you are helping to support
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.